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A R Rahman’s son Ameen escapes unhurt as chandeliers crash down during song recording | Entertainment News

Chennai: Music composer and singer A R Rahman’s son, A R Ameen escaped a freak accident during the shoot of a song three days ago. In a social media post, Ameen described how the chandeliers, lights and other objects that were suspended from a crane ‘came crashing down’.

He also added that he was unharmed and perfectly all right, but traumatised by the incident.

He thanked God for keeping him safe. Ameen wrote: “I am thankful to the Almighty, my parents, my family, well wishers and my spiritual teacher that I am safe and alive today.

“Just three nights ago, I was shooting for a song and I trusted the team to have taken care of the engineering and safety, while I was focusing on performing before the camera.”

The post further read: “… the whole truss and chandeliers that were suspended from a crane came crashing down while I was still in the middle of the spot. If I were a few inches here and there, a few seconds earlier or later, the whole rig would have fallen on our heads. My team and I are shell shocked and not able to recover from the trauma.”

A R Ameen is a playback singer and made his debut in the Tamil movie ‘O Kadhal KNmani’. He has sung in several movies since then.

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