Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Amid ‘remuneration’ controversy, Unni Mukundan releases old video of Bala | Entertainment News

Unni Mukundan on Sunday released an old video footage of actor Bala revealing the real reason why he decided to act in ‘Shafeekkinte Santhosham’. Unni released the video amid the controversy and allegations levelled against him by actor Bala regarding the remuneration given to artists who worked in the film.

Recently, Bala had alleged that he and a few other technicians were not given their due for acting and working in the film. However, Unni, who is the producer of the film denied the claims and also published a receipt of the amount paid toBala for working in the film.

Unni also said that he was hurt by the allegations levelled by him, especially since Bala had agreed to work in the film for free.

In the old video clip that was shared by Unni Mukundan, Bala can be heard saying that Unni Mukundan was a good human being. He also added that he was ready to act in the film just because of Unni. “You once decided to commit to my film just after hearing one line of the story. I will do the same for you when you decide to produce a film,” he says in the video.

Despite the controversy, both the actors have claimed that they are good friends. Recently, Tiny Tom had shared a picture of the duo saying the issues and differences between them will soon be a thing of the past.