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‘Avatar: The Way of Water’: Netizens call it a lengthy yet brilliant spectacle | Entertainment News

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is definitely the most awaited film of the decade. The film, which is the sequel to the blockbuster movie ‘Avatar’, released in theatres on December 16. Ever since it’s release, the film has been receiving positive to mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike.

 While some have regarded the movie as a visual spectacle, others say they were blown away by the underwater sequences in the film. However, some said the story offered nothing new and was quite lengthy and predictable. According to some, the film didn’t really thrill but became appealing in the last 40 minutes.

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ revolves around Jake Sully and his family who live in Pandora, a place quite similar and habitable like the earth. It is inhabited by the Na’vi. In ‘Avatar’, we had learnt that Jake Sully, a human was a former US Marine corp who becomes part of the RDA’s program on Pandora. However, soon Jake becomes emotionally attached to the Na’vi’s, especially Neytiri, who later becomes his wife.

One Twitter user said the film failed to connect the audience emotionally, unlike the first film ‘Avatar’, which also had the element of novelty.

“A visual wonder. Hits you with nostalgia like #TopGunMaverick. Explores the new territories in Pandora especially water. But fails to connect with us emotionally like Avatar 1,” wrote one user with the Twitter handle @lakshmanconnects.

Another person remarked that the movie needed to be trimmed. He also remarked that the film was not better than part one.

“Not better than part one. It would be great if length is reduced. 2nd half is interesting,” wrote Sai Krishna Shetty.

Some people also commented that the film was like a cut, copy, paste of the old one. Nevertheless, everyone is definitely in awe of the spectacular brilliance and technical quality of the film.

“James Cameron has outdone himself with this Visual Spectacle. Emotions,Action, Thrill and Visuals everything about this movie is unimaginable and unforgettable. The movie has everything you can ask for, so three hours doesn’t seem long. #Avatar2 #Avatar2review,” wrote another Twitter user with the handle @ishu2408.