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Bharathan’s ‘Vaisali’ screened at IFFK as tribute to Atlas Ramachandran | Entertainment News

‘Vaisali’, one of Mollywood’s cinematic marvels created by master craftsman Bharathan, was screened on the third day of the International Film Festival of Kerala as tribute to the late Atlas Ramachandran, who produced the film.

Apart from being a producer and an actor, Ramachandran was the chairman of the jewellery chain, Atlas Group.

Ramachandran had conquered people’s hearts through his tagline from the advertisement for his jewellery group, “Atlas Jewellery, Jana Kodikalude Vishvastha Sthapanam.” Ramachandran had produced and distributed ‘Vaisali’ and other movies like ‘Sukrutham’ and ‘Dhanam’.‘Vaisali’ was screened at Nila Theatre on Sunday at 11.30am.
Regarded as one of the finest filmmakers of the country, Bharathan, was in the forefront of the critically acclaimed Malayalam New Wave movies during 1980s.

Bharathan’s Vaisali, an adaption of a substory from the Mahabharatha, tells the story of a devdasi girl played by Suparna Anand, who has to seduce Rishyashrungan to bring him to Chambapuri to perform the mahayagam to have rain in the desert kingdom.

The movie released in1988, was a huge commercial success and won both state and national awards.