Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Brahmapuram fire: Prithviraj, Unni Mukundan urge citizens to be cautious | Entertainment News

Actors Prithviraj and Unni Mukundan urged citizens to exercise caution and safety amidst the Brahmapuram smoke. They shared the newspaper cutting that contained information about the consequences related to the fire at the waste plant. They also reminded the public to give special attention to children as well as to follow the instructions given by the district administration. They implored the public to take care of their loved ones. The stars also cautioned about the health hazards that can occur due to air pollution.

The other day, producer Shibu G criticised film actors for remaining silent on the Brahmapuram issue. Vijay Babu, Mithun Manuel Thomas, Sajitha Madathil, Badusha, and others came forward on social media to express their protest on this issue. Vinay Fort protested by changing his profile picture on his Facebook page. The actor responded by posting a mask-covered profile picture with the words ‘I can’t breathe’. Manju Warrier saluted the efforts of the fire and safety team in trying to put out the fire, which has created havoc in the city.

Meanwhile, the fire eased slightly on the ninth day. Ministers Rajiv and MB Rajesh who visited the plant said that nearly 80% of the fire had been extinguished. The smoke had also decreased. But on Friday evening, the flames rose up at various places. The fire is up to six feet deep in the waste.

Meanwhile, a waste management action plan has been formulated in the district to prevent the recurrence of incidents like the Brahmapuram fire. Ministers M. B. Rajesh and P. Rajeev said that waste management will be ensured at homes by April 10. Local bodies will be declared waste-free on June 5, which is Environment Day. Public places will be declared litter-free. The ministers also informed that a special plan will be implemented from May 1 to 10 to remove garbage from public places.