Sunday, February 5, 2023
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‘Don’t splurge parents money on weddings. Spend your own,’ says actress Sarayu | Entertainment News

Actor Sarayu has lashed out against brides who splurge on their parent’s money for their luxurious weddings. If at all they want to cover themselves in gold or buy a designer sari, it should be bought with their own money and not their parent’s life savings. Only among our people can we see those who forget to live in a quest to save money for the next generation. While one can’t really change our generation of parents who lived in dread after the birth of a daughter, it is high time the next generation thought differently.

“I wonder how some girls can cover themselves in gold and Kancheevarams brought by their parents’ life savings and sit in front of the mandap grinning from ear to ear? How come these girls who share profound ideologies on social media find it difficult to take a stand at their own wedding?

If you want to look your best on your wedding day, go ahead and buy that expensive Kanjeevaram sari and cover yourself in gold but make sure you buy that with your own hard-earned money. For that first get a job and then decide to get married.

Where else can you find people who forget to live in a quest to save money for the next generation than us? I don’t how far it is possible to reform parents who get stressed after the birth of their daughter. They start saving for her wedding and then her baby’s naming ceremony. How do you even make such people see sense?

It’s difficult to drill sense in parents who celebrate their daughter’s wedding in all its splendour by spending all their life savings. Isn’t it easier that we change instead?”—ask Sarayu.