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‘I have not thanked you enough’. Malavika Jayaram writes to her dad on his birthday | Entertainment News

It’s no secret that Jayaram and Parvathy share a very close bond with their children. The parents have always been open to their children’s choices- both personal and professional. While Kalidas is making his mark in South Indian films, daughter Malavika is a model. Recently, Jayaram had shared a family photo, including his son’s girlfriend Tarini Kalingarayar. 

Now, both of them have wished their father on his birthday. Taking to Instagram, Malavika wrote how she is never thanked her father for many things in her life. She says that she and the rest of their family always try to keep up the sense of humour that he passed on to them.

“Other than all the materialistic things I thank you everyday for, here are a few things I don’t thank you enough for…For passing on your sense of humour onto us (we try to keep up ), for teaching us to love nature…for making us realise the value of kindness and humanity and hardwork…for making me feel safe in this world…for trusting me,” she wrote. “On top of all for being the best dad. I love you pa, happy birthday,” she added.

Meanwhile, Kalidas who shared a photo with his father during his childhood, also penned a heart-touching note on Jayaram’s birthday.

Ps. You’re always there for me and I hope to always return the favor,” he wrote.