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‘Kantara’ to get sequel? This is what Rishab Shetty has to say | Entertainment News

Kannada actor Rishab Shetty has clarified that he currently has no plans to direct a sequel to his superhit movie ‘Kantara.’ The actor was responding to rumours about about a sequel to the film.

The rumours spread after a video of the actor-director and his wife attending a Bhootha Kola event started circulating on social media. The Bhootha Kola was an important element in Rishab’s movie.

However, Rishab Shetty stated that the video of him and his wife attending the Bhootha Kola had nothing to do with the sequel of the film. “It was our way of saying thanks to the dhaiva for the success of Kantara,” Rishab had remarked, while adding that they would make an official announcement if they had plans to direct a sequel to the film.

Prior to the release of ‘Kantara’, Rishab Shetty’s remarks on the bhootha kola had generated a lot of discussion.

‘Kantara’ recently beat KGF-2’s record, emerging emerging as the highest grossing Kannada film in the box office. The film was released in various languages, including Hindi in the past few months. It also released on Amazon Prime in different South Indian languages recently. Netflix announced it will also release the English version soon.