Friday, January 27, 2023
Home Entertainment Shine Tom Chacko accidentally walked over to cockpit: Director Sohan Seenulal

Shine Tom Chacko accidentally walked over to cockpit: Director Sohan Seenulal

Director Sohan Seenulal, who was in Dubai with Shine Tom Chacko for the promotions of their recent release ‘Bharatha Circus’ clarified that Shine had accidentally entered the cockpit of the Air India Dreamliner, which was supposed to leave Dubai at 1.30pm on Saturday.

On Saturday evening, reports had emerged that Shine Tom Chacko was removed from the flight for his reckless behaviour after he tried to barge into the cockpit of the plane.

Speaking to an online channel, film director Sohan Seenulal stated that Shine had stayed back for some more time after the promotions of the film. “We had intended to board the flight together. However, Shine told us he would stop over at his sister’s place. However, he missed the flight. He then booked the 1.30 pm flight on Saturday. He was tired after all the promotions. The staff objected when he tried to lie down and sleep in one of the seats before take off. We all know Shine can behave aggressively at times. The staff might have thought he was behaving rudely. He then got up and accidently walked over to the cockpit thinking it was the plane’s entrance,” Sohan Seenulal said.

The actor was reportedly taken to the medical centre of the Dubai International Airport following the incident. Now, we hear that Shine has been allowed to return to Kerala with family members after interrogation by the airport officials.

However, contradicting the director’s claims, Shine has reportedly stated that he tried to enter the cockpit for fun and it was not his intention to create any ruckus