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‘Thuramukham’ release has put an end to the humiliation I faced in the last 4 years: Producer | Entertainment News

‘Thuramukham’, which hit theatres on March 10, had been mired in controversies. The reason? The film featuring Nivin Pauly, Indrajith, Poornima and Arjun Ashokan, got stalled several times. Recently, the crew members had blamed the producer’s incompetency for the delay. There were also criticisms that the film got affected due to the heavy financial burden of the producer and that he did not do justice to those who worked in the film.

However, the film producer Sukumar Thekkepat has reacted to the controversies on his Facebook page.

‘I am hoping that you will all watch Thuramukham in theatres. I think the film is a cinematic classic from Rajeev Ravi. That also puts an end to all the humiliation, mockery, and sadness I encountered in the last four years in the name of this film. Though the film was ready for release several times, it didn’t happen due to the vested interests of certain people who deliberately tried to stall its release. Because of my decency, I am not going to mention any names here.

At every stage under the trailer and teaser of the film, there were several people who nastily commented that I am not fit to produce or distribute a film and should look for another job. But I am only grateful to everyone. Cinema is my life. There was a time when I would spend every waking hour thinking of cinema. In Madras I have walked around aimlessly, without a roof over my head, dreaming about cinema. I remember riding an old splendor bike as a cinema executive. I also remember that I didn’t even have money to buy fuel. That’s how the journey started. I have only tried to help people in the cinema. And more often than not I haven’t gained anything from it. I have only heard taunts. Maybe I don’t have the capacity to produce a film like ‘Thuramukham’. There have been times when I have said small lies as I didn’t have the money to pay certain people. I also admit that I have borrowed money from people. But you have to remember that I did all this for the love of cinema.

But there were a lot of people who supported me during such a difficult time in my life. I am not naming them, but I can’t find enough words to thank them. I am forever grateful to them. Am also grateful to my audience. I will be in cinema till my death. Because that’s how much I love cinema. Hoping that you will all watch the film…For Thuramukham, for Rajeevettan,” he wrote.