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‘Thuramukham’ Review: A powerful ode to struggle against chaapa system in Mattancherry | thuramukham movie release | thuramukham movie review | nivin pauly thuramukham movie

Thuramukham, featuring Nivin Pauly, Arjun Ashokan and Poornima Indrajith in the lead, is a powerful ode to the heroes of the labour union who fought against the unjust Chaapa system that prevailed in Mattancherry harbour several decades ago.

The struggles of the working class, the stark poverty and the cruelty of the system, which guaranteed work to only those who caught the chappa (copper coins) flung at them, have been captured well in this poignant tale.

The tale of a mother (played by Poornima Indrajith) and her three children – Moidu (Nivin Pauly), Hamsa (Arjun Ashokan) and Kaachi (Darshana Rajendran) has been interwoven into the story with ease.

The initial black and white frames bode well with the mood of the story. It soon metamorphosis into colour, to tell the audience that time has flown by.

While Moidu becomes a leader of a gang working for the cruel contractors, Hamsa grows up to become a sensitive man who cares for his family. He soon joins a union fighting against the Chappa system.

The performances are gripping. Poornima, who has been away from the silver screen for some time now, gets to play a meaty role as a mother who struggles to keep the house functioning despite all odds. Nivin Pauly is wonderful as Moidu, essaying probably his best character in recent times. Arjun Ashokan, however, steals the show as Hamsa. He carries off the gentleness and strength of his character like a seasoned actor.

The spirit of Kochi, the sea and its noise, seep into the music by K Shahabaz Aman. Overall, the narrative, though slow-paced, will charm its way into our hearts.