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Tovino Thomas wraps up ‘Ajayante Randam Moshanam’ shoot. ‘Thankyou Kasaragod,’ writes actor | Entertainment News

Actor Tovino Thomas, who will be playing triple roles in the upcoming film ‘Ajayante Randam Moshanam’, announced that he has wrapped up the 110-day schedule for the film. The actor also described his experience shooting for the film as ‘larger than life’.

Taking to Instagram, the actor shared pictures from the sets and also photos of the characters that he is essaying in the film.

“After 110 days of shooting, it’s the end of my schedule for Ajayante Randaam Moshanam. @armthemovie “Epic” is surely not an understatement because for starters – it’s a period movie genre; but more than that, the experience was indeed larger than life for me. It feels like I’m emerging from an era – transformed for the better. ARM was a story that had got us excited way back in 2017. And as often happens with dreams, it faced delays in taking off in the way it was meant to be. But here I am, signing off after a shoot that was fun, joyful, satisfying, demanding and above all, a continuous learning experience!,” he said.

He further added that he learned a couple of new skills while shooting for ‘Ajayante Randaam Moshanam’. “While I learned a host of new skills from this movie – including Kalarippayatt and Horse riding ,I also had to unlearn and learn many things about acting to embrace newer and better elements. I’m enacting three distinct roles in ARM, so everything was multidimensional for me.

And I was surrounded by many dear friends as cast and crew, which made life easier even during the most challenging schedules. I made a lot of memories and new friends, and strengthened many too. Another big takeaway from ARM is Kasargod – the absolute charm it held. Months of living here eased through the support of the people and many smiles that have become familiar now. Thank you Kasargod for being a home. Bidding goodbye to the wonderful place and the amazing team – but I’ll be back. The movie looks amazing, which means it’s a waiting phase from now to see how you all enjoy it in theatres. Wishing the best to everyone. It’s a dream. Hoping it becomes real. Lots of love, Tovi,” he signed off.