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V K Prakash refutes make-up artist Renju Renjimar’s claims against Shine Tom Chacko | Entertainment News

Filmmaker V K Prakash has alleged that the remarks made by make-up artist Renju Renjimar against actor Shine Tom Chacko were false.

In a detailed Facebook post, V K Prakash, who had last helmed the movie ‘Oruthee’ featuring Navya Nair, supported Shine Tom Chacko adding that the actor was very cooperative, and accused the make-up artist of spreading lies. He also stated that Renju was not working in his current project.

“I learnt that a make-up artist who is not part of the ‘Live’ crew is trying to defame Shine Tom Chacko, who is cooperating with us in the movie. This actor has been reaching the sets on time and has been essaying his role really well. I don’t understand what is the intend behind maligning someone by spreading such false information. Let such remarks not hurt anyone,” he wrote.

Recently, Renju during a panel discussion had alleged that an actor would behave unprofessionaly on the sets of the movie. Though she did not initially name him, she later suggested that the actor was recently deplaned for his reckless behaviour.

Shine Tom Chacko was in thenews recently after he was deplaned from a Dubai flight after he allegedly attempted to enter the cockpit of the Air India Dreamliner.