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Who owns Higuita? Film and literature enthusiasts divided over title row | Entertainment News

Writer NS Madhavan’s protest against naming the Hemant G Nair directed film ‘Higuita’ headlining Suraj Venjaramoodu has taken the legal route. After the film chamber put a ban on using the name as a film title, the makers were advised to approach the court after seeking NS Madhavan’s permission to register the name again. That’s why the makers decided to take that route.

NS Madhavan said that the controversy saddened him and that he was personally unhappy that the story he had written under the name Higuita can no longer be made into a film with the same name. Meanwhile, Director Hemant responded that he has a lot of respect for NS Madhavan and that it will be difficult to change the name of the film which will be released on the 22nd under these circumstances. With cultural and political leaders taking positions on both sides of the issue, the controversy is getting out of hand.

I came to know about Higuita through his story: Poet K Sachidhanandan

I think at least Malayalees are familiar with the name Higuita through NS Madhavan’s story. There is an injustice in a film releasing under the same name. You need to show some basic courtesy and respect by informing the writer beforehand if you are planning to use that title for a film. I am supporting Madhavan just for that.

Give the name to the writer, says VD Satheeshan

The name Higuita for every Malayalee embodies NS Madhavan’s story. It is one of the most beautiful stories written in Malayalam. Isn’t it better to give the name to him? Lawfully there is nothing wrong if another person uses that name. But the reality is that he has ownership over that name. More than anything else, they should have asked him before borrowing that name for their film. Maybe this controversy could have been avoided then.

Higuita was already famous, says writer K V Mohan Kumar

Why is there so much uproar over naming a political thriller film after the legendary Colombian goalkeeper Higuita? NS Madhavan’s protest against using the name of his short story and the Film Chamber putting a ban on the name is absolute rubbish. Before reading Madhavan’s story, someone like me who isn’t even a follower of football was familiar with the goalkeeper’s name. That’s also the reason why I was able to enjoy the film.

Did Madhavan get his permissionm, asks director Venu

Did NS Madhavan ask anyone’s permission before naming his novel Higuita? It is difficult to accept the argument that only Madhavan has the sole authority over the name Higuita. I am not sure how the film chamber took such a stand. One should ask the film chamber if Higuita’s paternity rights are with NS Madhavan.

Film people have always done this: Benyamin (Writer)

NS Madhavan doesn’t have sole ownership of Huguita. And I am not supporting him in this controversy. Having said that, I can’t help but comment on the double standards of the film industry. It isn’t just Higuita that was casually borrowed by the film people. GR Indu Gopan’s ‘Ammini Pillai,’ S Hareesh’s ‘Appan’, Perumbadavathu’s ‘Oru Sankeerathanam Pole,’ Shinilala’s ‘Adi,’ Amal’s ‘Anweshippin Kandethum’, and so many such titles. Those who are criticising Madhavan should perhaps be aware of these factors as well. One should definitely take a stand against the film people who think they can get away with anything on the basis of money and the might of organizations.