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You are my daughter, my world, writes Namitha Pramod on sister’s birthday | Entertainment News

Actor Namitha Pramod had recently hit headlines after she posted a few photos of herself sporting a few stretchmarks. Now, the actor has penned a heartfelt note to her sister who is celebrating her 22nd birthday.

In the post, the actor reveals that she had longed for a brother, but changed her opinion when her sister took baby steps.

 “Happy 22 my Thangam. I expected a brother when Amma was pregnant with you. four-year-old senseless me always dreamed of having a younger brother and was extremely disappointed when the situation turned contrary to my expectation. My younger self never understood your worth till the day I started watching you take your first steps. Since then, our bond has grown stronger day by day. We stood by each other during the toughest and happiest phases of our lives,” she wrote.

The actress goes on to describe their younger days. “We fought for the TV remote, the chicken leg piece, and for pestering you to upload your UK pictures on your social handles and flex all day. We safeguarded each other whenever Amma and Achan caught us red-handed. My wardrobe is almost empty since the day you left India, as we shared clothes. You know I hate it when you get your hands on my hoops and lipstick and your temper loses its hold whenever I wear your Lycra shorts and use your restroom,” Namitha added.

According to the actress, her little sister is living her dream. “Since the day I can remember, you have always dreamed of heading to the UK and living your dream. I’m extremely proud of my baby for having chosen the life she had always wished to have and for bravely taking every step in her life with caution. You are the kindest and most selfless person I have ever known. You are my daughter, my sister, my best friend, and my world. Since you left India, there is no one to fight with me for a chicken leg piece. I blatantly wear all your baggy shorts and use your restroom often. lol 😂 😇🤣😅

Thank you, God, for giving me this munchkin, and I love you. I don’t have any sensible pictures of us but have a million crazy videos that I can never ever upload here,” she wrote.