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Jackfruit season is here! Check out these lip-smacking dishes made using this golden fruit

Summer is the season when your backyards are filled with the intoxicating aroma of ripening jackfruit. Interestingly, from the rind and skin to the seeds and bulbs, every part of a jackfruit is edible (some when cooked). Moreover, the tropical fruit is known globally for its incredible nutrition values too. Let’s take a look at some delicious dishes that could be cooked using raw or ripe jackfruits.

Jackfruit Vattal

The jackfruit arils, sans the seeds, is soaked in hot water, drained and then dried under the sun to make vattal.

Jackfruit chips

Chips are made by slicing raw jackfruit arils and then frying them in coconut oil until crunchy.

Jackfruit chips. Photo: iStock/ajaykampani

Chakka varattiyath

Chop ripe jackfruit arils into small pieces and cook in steam. Add this in jaggery syrup and cook until the water is completely reduced. Do not forget to add generous amounts of ghee as the water begins to reduce. Finally, sprinkle cardamom powder for that delicious flavour.

Jackfruit fritter

The ripe arils of varikka variety jackfruit are dipped in a sweet batter and fried in hot oil. It is a tasty evening snack to enjoy with tea.

Jackfruit erissery

Boil chopped jackfruit arils and seeds. Grind dried chillies, grated coconut, cumin, turmeric powder and salt into smooth paste. Add this paste into cooked jackfruit. Add mustard tempering as the final step.

Idichakka (tender jackfruit) thoran

Tender jackfruit is full of fibres and tastes delicious when stir fried. Cut the bulbs into small pieces and boil them. Strain the cooked baby jackfruit and crush them over traditional stone grinder. Grind mango, chillies, cumin and garlic. Add this mixture into the crushed baby jackfruit. Cook well before adding the mustard tempering.

Idichakka thoran. Photo: iStock/SUSANSAM

Tender jackfruit sambar

You could make delicious sambar using the bulbs.

Raw jackfruit puzhukku

This tasty dish is made by cooking raw jackfruit along with the seeds in a fragrant spice and coconut mixture.

Jackfruit payasam

Cook jackfruit pieces in ghee. Add jaggery syrup, raisins, cashews and cardamom too. Meanwhile, chakka pradhaman could be cooked using ripe jackfruit.

Jackfruit puttu

Add finely chopped jackfruit arils instead of grated coconut while making soft puttu.

Jackfruit ada

Prepare the filling by mixing ripe jackfruit (chopped), grated coconut, jaggery and cardamom. Mix rice flour in enough batter to make soft and sticky dough. Spread some dough on plantain leaf and place the filling on one side. Fold the plantain leaf and cook the patties in steam.

Jackfruit avial

Make delicious and rich avail with jackfruit arils, rind, seeds, mango, snake gourd, cucumber and drumsticks.