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Just how healthier is air frying?

Anyone would love to enjoy crunchy French fries, fried chicken, crispy plantain wafers or juicy fish fry to their heart’s content without bothering about cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or high calorie. Lovers of fried food often are forced to give up on their dream meal fearing the health risks that it may pose. However, air frying is a modern method in culinary arts that helps make healthier fried food.

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All you need is a spoon full of oil, even to deep fry items. Even though air fryers were introduced into the markets a few years ago, it has now become a common appliance in our kitchens. Grilling, baking, barbecuing and smoking are some of the healthy ways of preparations; but, some people cannot give up the heart-warming taste of fried food.

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Just as the name suggests, in this method, food items are cooked using blasts of air in high temperature. Hot air is passed through the food items that are placed in the fryer. The food items would be perfectly cooked within five to fifteen minutes. Not just the ones that need deep frying, but all kinds of food items could be fried like this by using eighty percent less oil. For instance, if you need one cup oil to fry fish in the regular way, in air frying you need to rub just half spoon oil on the fish fillets. You could set the timer on the air fryer just as in a microwave oven.

Those who have given up fried food due to its high saturated fat and trans fat content can enjoy air fried food. However, it is not advisable to regularly eat air fried items in case you are trying to avoid fried food completely. It must be noted that a small quantity of oil is used here too. You need to eat at least four air fried samosas to consume the oil that is used to cook a regular deep-fried samosa.