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Plantain smoothie: A complete meal that’s loaded with potassium | Recipes

Plantains are storehouses of many essential nutrients, and they also have more potassium content than regular bananas. Dietitians and health experts often advice to include plantains in our diets to keep the energy levels up. Plantains also contain elements that can effectively reduce blood pressure.

When you blend the fruit with a healthy dose of coconut milk, dates, soaked almonds and cardamom, you get a filling and delicious smoothie meal that’s quick to whip up in your kitchen in this season of lent. 

Here’s its nutrition value per 100 gms
Calories – 118 kilo calories
Water content – 90%
Protein – 1.2 gms
Fat – 0.3 gms
Carbohydrates – 27 gms
Iron – 0.4 mg
Calcium – 17 mg
Beta-carotene – 78 micro gms
Thiamine – 0.06 mg
Vitamin C – 70 micro gms

Check out its super simple recipe:
1 ripe plantain
10 soaked almonds
10 dates
50 gms tender coconut
Jaggery syrup as required
100 ml coconut milk
2 cardamom pods

Blend all the ingredients in a mixer jar
Add enough water
Mix well and enjoy