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Meet Johnappappan, fiery 92-year-old who keeps medicines at bay | Lifestyle Health

John Kochu Mathew was born on January 12, 1931. While growing up, sports were always on his mind. After India became independent, the following year, he joined the Air Force. There was a basketball team in the air force. He learned the sport by playing regularly. From 1954, he wore the Indian jersey for two years. At that time he had even gone to Attar in Pakistan to compete with Pakistan. But due to floods, the game got cancelled that day. He has won many medals and prizes in shot put, hurdles, long jump, and discus throw.

Johnappan’s self-assessment is that if he had received proper training, he could have participated in the Olympics a long time ago. The practice ground was prepared by clearing a paddy field right next to the house. He also prepared a jumping pit made of red soil and a shot put/ discus throwing ground. He won gold medals in the competition held two weeks ago by practising here.

He gets up at 6 am and avoids tea and coffee. For breakfast, he usually has puttu, idli, or dosa. He avoids rice for lunch and prefers chapati with a non-vegetarian side dish. As an evening snack, he has a gruel made of cereals followed by a light dinner. He never misses his workouts. This ex-defense personnel apparently goes for a walk carrying a 10-kilo dumbbell.

He has no blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol. He dislikes medicines. According to the 92-year-old gentleman, a sound mind is enough for a sound body. His life lesson is that as long as you wish everyone well you will also remain happy.

Apparently, there are few candidates between the ages of 90 and 95 in sports events. And just for that reason he always comes first in every event and that’s the only grouse in his life. Johnappappan wants people from his age group to happily participate in such sports events.