Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Autorickshaw drivers arrested for tying woman to telephone post | India

Kuzhithura (Kanyakumari): In a shocking incident here in Tamil Nadu, a woman, who questioned a few men for passing comments and making fun of her, was tied up to a telephone post by them.

The woman, who remained tied to the post for about an hour, was finally let free after the police reached. The locals did not intervene fearing the assailants.  

The incident happened at Melpuram Junction, close to the Tamil Nadu border with Kerala, in Kanyakumari district. 

Police arrested Pakod natives and autorickshaw drivers Sasi (47), Vinod (44) and Vijayakanth (37).

The woman who runs a private institution at Marthandam was subject to assault and insult by these men. The woman, aged 35, is a widow and lives with her mother.

The police said these drivers had been teasing her earlier also.

As always they mocked her when she passed by the other day, around 9 in the morning. When she questioned their action, they ganged up and forcefully tied her up to a telephone post nearby.

Even though many had witnessed the incident, no one intervened to rescue the woman as the assailants threatened them.

Cops from Arumana police station came to know of the incident when the visuals of the incident started circulating on social media platforms. 

The woman was let free only after the police reached and untied her. 

The accused were identified with the help of CCTV visuals.