Saturday, April 1, 2023
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ULPIN: Land to get 14-digit ID; States to allot numbers within one year

New Delhi: The Union Government has directed all states to complete the process of allotting the Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN), commonly referred to as the Aadhaar for property, by March 31, 2024, in all villages.

Just as Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identity number for the citizens of India, the ULPIN project stipulates allotting a 14-digit ID to each plot.

ULPIN is envisaged as part of the Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILRMP).

It aims to compile every detail pertaining to different properties from across the country. The authorities have so far generated 9.025 crores ULPIN in just one year. The project, however, has been off to a rather slow start in several states, including Kerala.

The authorities have decided to implement the project in all states except Meghalaya, where the system of community land ownership exists. The Central Land Revenue Department has now directed the states, which are yet to launch the programme, to start implementing it within the next month.

The Central Land Revenue Portal, meanwhile, stated that the ULPIN project has already commenced in a village each in Hosdurg and Pathanapuram.

The ULPIN project is being launched to ensure more transparency on property deals. Once allotted, this number will form the basis of all types of transactions involving land.

Loan details too will be linked

Various types of data relating to the landed properties, which are currently under the possession of different ministries and departments, too will be linked with the ULPIN. If loans have been availed by pledging a property, it too will be linked with this unique number.

The Central Government expects the system to eventually bring an end to the practice of availing multiple loans by pledging the same property. The details of property owners too will be made available with this number.