School in Udhampur adopt roof-top farming to raise awareness on organic farming

Udhampur, May 5: A school in Udhampur has adopted rooftop farming, integrating it into its curriculum to educate students about plant growth and the importance of organic produce.

The initiative, spearheaded by the school principal in collaboration with the Udhampur Agriculture Department, aims to increase awareness of organic farming and advance agricultural methods.

The rooftop garden will serve as a hands-on learning ground for students, allowing them to witness first-hand the growth cycle of various plants, fruits, vegetables, and even ornamental flowers. This practical experience will go beyond textbooks, fostering a deeper understanding of agriculture and the delicate balance of ecosystem.

School Principal Vaneet Gupta said, “This is the first initiative in Jammu and Kashmir. The aim was to spread awareness. Students learn how to make manure and do organic and inorganic farming. There are herbs, shrubs and climbers here. We wanted to give the students practical experience. To improve their observational skills and analytical thinking. Our new education policy stresses giving more importance to practical learning. This is learning for life.”

He further said that the aim was to teach the students advanced methods of agriculture.

“We have 253 students who participate daily in this activity. They learn how to use agricultural tools here,” he added.

More importantly, the project emphasises the significance of organic farming.

A student Smriti said, “Our principal emphasised that students, instead of reading only books, get practical knowledge. The focus is on how to utilise small spaces and eat organic food at home. The vegetables available in the market are inorganic and contain pesticides, they have chemicals which are bad for our health. Our principal wanted us to know the difference between organic and inorganic farming.”

By growing fruits and vegetables free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, the school intends to instill a sense of awareness among students about healthy eating habits. Empowered with this knowledge, students are expected to not only participate actively in the rooftop garden but also translate this experience into their homes.

By encouraging them to grow their own organic vegetables and fruits, the school hopes to spark a health revolution, one seed at a time. (ANI)

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