Agra teacher and principal fight Viral video: Principal beats up teacher for arriving late to school

In a video going viral on social media platforms, two women—a teacher and her boss, the principal—can be seen involved in a rather violent fight. The reason? The teacher was late.

Agra, May 5: In a recent incident at a middle school in Seegana village, Agra, the principal and a teacher got into a physical fight because the latter reported late to school.  A video capturing the altercation has been doing the rounds on social media. 

The video that’s spreading online shows other teachers and staff members attempting to stop the fight between the two women. As reported by NDTV, the principal physically attacked Gunjan Choudhary, a teacher at the school.

In the widely circulated video, it’s evident that the principal started the altercation by assaulting the teacher. During the scuffle, a voice in the background can be heard saying, “This is being recorded. Madam, you’re being disrespectful. Is this appropriate?” Meanwhile, a man attempted to intervene and separate the two women.

Watch the video here:

While they were fighting, both women pulled at each other’s clothes. The principal’s clothes got a little torn, and she asked, “Is she going to tear my clothes?”

The report says that the two women insulted each other verbally during the fight.

The teacher allegedly said, “Maar ke dikha de agar dum hain toh. Kya kar lega tu aur tera driver (Hit me if you have guts. What will you and your driver do?).”

Kisiki dadagiri nahi chalegi yahan (No one’s unruly behaviour will be accepted here.),” the principal allegedly said.

According to the report, the principal later went to the police to file a complain against the teacher. (With inputs from agencies)

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