JKNC Students Union President Harsh Vardhan Singh Urges Voting for Jammu Lok Sabha Constituency

Jammu 25 April: JKNC Students Union President Harsh Vardhan Singh calls upon all eligible voters to exercise their democratic right and cast their votes for the upcoming Jammu Lok Sabha Constituency elections on April 26.

In a statement released today, Harsh Vardhan Singh highlighted the importance of active participation in the electoral process, stating that voting is not just a right but a responsibility that shapes the future of our democracy. He urged citizens to make informed decisions and choose representatives who will work towards the welfare and progress of Jammu.

“Our democracy thrives when every voice is heard, and every vote counts. I urge all eligible voters to come forward on April 26 and contribute to the democratic process by casting their votes for the Jammu Lok Sabha Constituency,” said Harsh Vardhan Singh.

The JKNC Students Union reaffirms its commitment to promoting civic engagement and democratic values among the youth. Through initiatives like voter awareness campaigns and community outreach programs, they aim to empower young voters and encourage active participation in shaping the nation’s future.

The event also saw the presence of Jahangir Mughal, Arunpal Singh Dr Gazala Noor, Tahir Choudhary, Vishal Thakur, Sakib kichloo, Varun, Dheraj Sasan , Massrat Malik, Manohar khajuria and other prominent members of the JKNC Students Union.

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